Lone wolf suits the INTJ type, but the reality is that without money or skills, you’re not a loner, you’re just a loner.

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The following text is a post-English rewrite of a text I previously wrote in Japanese.

They say that INTJ types prefer solitude.

Some explanations describe them as "loners".

However, depending on the person's situation, the meaning here can be very different, just as the nuances of "solitary existence" and "lonely existence" are completely different.

In conclusion, if you are poor or have no outstanding skills, you are just a lonely person.

If your personality diagnosis shows you as INTJ type, you should be careful about this.

Lone wolf and solitary are the pastimes of the rich.

There is a saying, "The daughter of the deep window," right?

It is a word that conjures up the image of a boxed-in young lady who is rich and spends her time elegantly in a spacious house in the quiet mountains.

She doesn't leave the house, so her relationships with people may not be very rich.

However, if she wants to have more friends, she can. But if she wants to have more friends, or if she enjoys her quiet life, then there is no problem.

Also, in the drama "Doctor X," the lone wolf with the signature line, "I never fail. In the Doctor X drama, there is a female doctor who is a lone wolf.

In both cases, she doesn't try to expand her relationships or flirt with others.

They are not "lonely" but rather "solitary" aristocrats.

They are either rich or have outstanding skills that they can earn on their own.

In short, they are rich.

So, if you are neither of these, can you be a loner, a solitary being?

In fact, it is quite difficult, isn't it?

If you are a salaryman, you have to commute to work every day and pay attention to your boss and colleagues.

Even if you are a housewife, you may be afraid of being ostracized if you don't do your best to get to know your neighbors.

If you don't do your best to get along with your mommy friends, you may be afraid of being ostracized.

This is because of lack of money.

Isn't this a phenomenon because they don't have money, but they can manage to live by "helping each other" by maintaining relationships with the people around them, or because they think so?

This is because we believe that we can help each other by maintaining relationships with people around us.

If you don't have money, you can't be a loner or a solitary being.

It is important to be able to live alone properly, especially if you are an INTJ and find it difficult or troublesome to maintain relationships.

If you don't, you will just be a lonely person.

Simply put, you will be stuck in life.

For INTJ types, it is especially important to be financially free (semi-retired, FIRE, living on dividends) if you want to be a loner.
If you're thinking that you'd like to be like the "deep-water lady" or the female doctor in Dr. X, as mentioned above, you should especially aim for financial freedom (semi-retired, FIRE, dividend life).

The important thing to remember is that you don't have to be rich.

As long as you can provide the minimum amount of money for yourself to live on, you can live on your own.

Once you achieve that level, you will be able to live much more comfortably than you do now.

There is no harm in trying to achieve this goal.

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フォーチュンレディ (Fortune Lady:幸運な女性)



English ver.